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Day 5 – Photographic Memory

So today’s my day off. I was supposed to only play the subliminal today, but since yesterday I couldn’t play the healing recording, I will do it today. I still feel the same way as I always do, no new changes in my memory.

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Day 4 – Photographic Memory

So today I’ve had a great day. I’ve went out on a date after about 2 years being single, it felt very right and went well. I’ve had some drinks, so I hope it doesn’t affect much my training. I’ve waited as long as possible and drank lots of water.

Memory Healing needs to be performed today, but since we are very late, it will have to be done tomorrow, so I will only do the subliminal. Tomorrow is my day off, so I will have a lot of time.

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Day 3 – Photographic Memory

Today, right after work, I started the keyword meditation / hypnosis session for an hour or so. It went fairly well. When I came out of the meditative state of mind, I really felt relaxed after a long day at work. The subliminal will be listened 30 minutes prior to my sleep, like always. I do not feel any different from other days today, feels the same as usual.

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Day 2 – Photographic Memory

Today I have to, for the first time, listen to the keyword activation mp3 followed by the 30 minutes subliminal. I am excited to try it out… When you think about it, 30 days to change your way of memorizing things, improve your health and concentration is totally nothing. It’s just day two and I don’t really see how it all going to work or how it will feel in the end, but I am thrilled to discover.  It’s about 10pm right now. It means at 11:30pm – 11:45pm i shall be done and start trying to sleep

It was pretty hard to fall asleep right after practicing meditation / hypnosis an hour. I suppose I’ll have to keep the subliminal at the end of the night, but listen to other recordings at earlier times.  When I come off  meditative states of mind, I really feel warm and it’s harder to fall asleep. I feel like this session went to waste and need to catch up on another day where I only have subliminals.

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Day 1 – Photographic Memory

I’m not feeling that great, I have a headache and gotta wake up very early tomorrow, but I am sticking to the healing recording followed immediately by the subliminal on the first day. Not much to say, it’s day 1. I felt better after listening to the healing recording. I also let it loop on repeat through the night while I sleep, I believe it won’t hurt. If I end up removing my headset while sleeping it won’t be a big deal as I’ve listened to it while being conscious about it 30 minutes prior to my sleep.

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Day 0 – Photographic Memory

Hello everyone,

After doing a lot of research, it seems that it is indeed possible to obtain a photographic memory (also commonly known as eidetic memory) even if we currently aren’t gifted with it. It seems that, by the use of hypnosis and NLP (Natural language processing), it is possible to rewrite the way our brain process information. So the logic behind is that everyone was born with a photographic memory and, once we started learning a language, we lost it in the process as language uses different neuro-pathways in the brain, thus making it impossible to memorize the information perfectly.

The solution is to reprogram the brain affecting directly our subconscious mind making us believe that we currently have photographic memory making our brain thus having it as since we believe it, we have it, because that’s how the power of our subconscious mind work.

The program I will be using will be Talmadge Harper’s Unleash Your Photographic Memory that I purchased and downloaded yesterday. It’s basically a set of mp3s that I have to listen to.

The way I have to proceed is the following:

  • Every night, 30 minutes before going to bed, I will have to listen to a 30 minute subliminal for a minimum 21 days, but preferably 1 full month;
  • For the first two weeks, I will also need to listen to (starting day 1) for twice a week to a 1 hour 10 minutes Higher Self Memory Healing and Photographic Memory Activation mp3 (in the form of a guided meditation / hypnosis);
  • For the full 30 days I will need to, three times a week, to also listen to an mp3 recording that programs a keyword for me to enter into deep meditative state whenever this keyword is mentioned.

Day 1 will be tomorrow and thus is a Friday (in my philosophy, I do it right now or never, not going to wait till Monday to make it look ”Good”, because it’s the beginning of the week, it’s just another excuse. It absolutely changes nothing in my life that I start it now and it’s in 3/4 of the week or so).

The reason behind it to listen to the subliminal for at least 21 days is because the body takes that long to get used to changes, so if you start a new workout and nutrition plan, you might feel sick, tired and bloated for the first three weeks and, after the 21st day or so, you will start getting energy from the workout and won’t want to miss a single day of it.

My next four weeks shall work like this. I might add the Memory Healing OR Keyword activation on Tuesday or Thursday if I feel that I have the extra hour for this and will mention if I did or not, otherwise consider it a no.


Friday: Daily Subliminal + Memory Healing

Saturday: Daily Subliminal + Keyword activation

Sunday: Daily Subliminal + Keyword activation

Monday: Daily Subliminal + Memory Healing

Tuesday: Daily Subliminal

Wednesday: Daily Subliminal + Keyword activation

Thursday: Daily Subliminal


That shall summarize this project for this month (this is only a summary, thus it’s why it’s called Day 0).